“Our dog Minnie Pearl is the perfect dog for any person; a family full of playful children or a person that needs a calm companion. She will play as long as you want her too, but she is also capable of sleeping in until 11 am if you so please. I couldn’t imagine a dog with more personality or desire to please her family!” -C.M and B.M.

​Labradoodle dogs are such loving and caring family pets. Not to mention, they make beautiful dogs too!  Here are some pictures and experiences from some of our families across the US. 

Puppies Become Dogs


“We have two of Monkey’s puppies and they have the best temperament of any dog I’ve owned. They love cuddling and laying in your lap and they are perfectly happy lounging inside our apartment with us or running around in the park. These dogs are our best friends and we recommend them to everyone!” -Z.W. and H.W.

My sweet Rue Rue is full of energy & love. With his cute face, he is easily spoiled with lots of treats, toys & cuddles. He is a great running partner and companion. Rue has brought so much joy & happiness to our lives and was a great additional to the start of our family. Follow him throughout his adventure with us on Instagram:

"Schenley has to be the sweetest boy we have ever met.  As previous dog owners, we felt something missing in our life until we stumbled upon Labradoodles by Leen.  He was the runt of the litter and one of the last ones to go, but that didn't stop Schenley from growing into the most sweet-hearted boy.   He has the most chill temperament, calm demeanor and has turned into our number one adventure and snuggle partner.  We take him hiking, climbing, biking, paddleboarding and virtually anywhere that allows our fur baby to go (you can see his adventures on instagram @adventuremuppet). I've never been so happy with a dog or have had a dog I love this much.  This boy has been the best thing to happen to our family.  Thank you Labradoodles by Leen!"

​Labradoodles by Leen