​Minnie Pearl (left) is one of our females.  Her coat is creme colored and has the more rare, fleecy, soft feel to it.  She is about 16 inches tall and weighs 28 pounds.  She is mild mannered, sweet, and extremely smart. 

Britches (middle) is our other female. She has a soft cafe colored coat with more defined curls. Britches is 17 inches tall, 23 pounds, and she could not be any sweeter or more caring.


Burton (right) is a handsome apricot male with previous breeding experience at Green Gables Labradoodles. His apricot coat has the rare fleecy feel.  He is about 17 inches tall and 33 pounds.  

Fletch is another male.  His coat is in-between the two coats.  It is softer than the wooly coat but not fully fleece.  Fletch is 19 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds.  Fletch is mild mannered, outgoing and patient.

Breeding Quality: 

All of our dogs are breeding quality,  multigenerational miniature Australian labradoodles.  This means they come from long lines of austrailian labradoodles bred with other australian labradoodles in order to maintain predictable qualities such as size, non-shedding, hypoallergenic.  In contrast: first, second, and even third generation labradoodles can very significantly in the above listed qualities.   

Our dogs are ideal for breeding.  You can see pictures of our past puppies on the "Current Litter" page.

Health Tested:

Our breeding dogs have been genetically tested for hip, elbow, and eye defects in accordance with OFA standards. 
Our breeding dogs are currently registered or are in the process of being registered with the ALCA. 
To read more about OFA and ALCA standards visit these links:



​Labradoodles by Leen